Mind-Body Clinical Research Center

imageFounded in 2015, the Stony Brook Mind-Body Clinical Research Center is at the forefront of integrating physical and mental health care — with the goal of improving the physical and mental health and overall wellness of individuals and communities.

What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-body medicine is built on the foundation that thoughts, behaviors, emotions, biology and environmental influences can interact to positively or negatively affect one’s mental and physical health. 

In fact, scientific research supports the mental-physical health link and indicates that when mental illness is present at the same time as a physical illness, overall wellness and quality of life suffers. 

By identifying risk and resiliency factors for mental health, the experts at the Mind-Body Clinical Research Center help people to make changes early to prevent the development or worsening of mental illness, preserve physical health, promote resiliency and improve overall wellness.


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Mind-Body Clinical Research Center
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