Patient & Family Centered Care

At Stony Brook University Hospital Neurosciences Institute, your comfort and recovery are our highest priorities. Our approach is collaborative, and our multidisciplinary team of specialists aims to work with you and your family during diagnosis, treatment, and beyond to support all aspects of your experience. Our care philosophy includes compassion and mutual understanding, where you and your family member(s) play an active role and are a partner with the healthcare team in your care.

Specifically, our model of Patient and Family Centered Care is founded on four core concepts. The first is that patients - and all people - should be treated with only the utmost respect and dignity. Second, it is the healthcare provider's responsibility to communicate and share complete and unbiased information with the patient and his or her family in supportive ways. Third, patients and families are encouraged to participate in their care and relevant decision-making at a level with which they are comfortable. Finally, the goal is healthy collaboration among patients, families, and providers regarding the appropriate treatment plan for you.

The integration of these concepts involves a long-term commitment to our patients and their families. Our model has its roots in many disciplines that states that health involves not only illness, but many other factors. We strongly believe in an atmosphere of shared decision-making and empowerment. This ensures that your voice will be heard, no matter your age, background, or stage of care.

We are embracing Patient and Family Centered Care throughout our organization. Some of the groups leading the way include:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Patient and Guest Services
  • Patient Navigators
  • Interpretive Services