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Our Quality Outcomes for Stroke Treatments

Stony Brook University Hospital continuously strives for excellence in providing care for our patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes. Our quality metrics are reviewed on a continual basis and process improvements are ongoing. Sharing our outcome data publicly is important as it helps people make an informed decision on where to seek the best medical care.

While our expertise in stroke care is well known on Long Island, we have the hard data to back it up. Below are our most recent quality metrics for some of the stroke treatments we offer:

  • Treatment of acute ischemic stroke patients with IV r-tPA (an important clot buster drug)
  • Treatment of carotid artery disease, with options including: carotid artery stent placement and carotid endarterectomy
  • Diagnostic testing such as cerebral angiography performed to evaluate the blood vessels in the brain
Treatment Number treated in 2017 Outcomes
IV r-tPA (clot buster for acute ischemic stroke) over 100 0 complications
Cerebral angiography (procedure to evaluate brain blood vessels) over 500 0 complications
Carotid artery stent placement/carotid endarterectomy  over 100 1 complication