Emergent Large Vessel Occlusion (ELVO)

Stony Brook is Your ELVO Expert

Our team of cerebrovascular and stroke experts are highly experienced and highly trained in diagnosing and treating ELVO, which occurs when there is sudden blockage (acute occlusion) of a major artery supplying the brain, causing the immediate onset of stroke symptoms. The occlusion must be removed immediately to restore blood flow to the brain to prevent ongoing, irreversible brain damage. The procedure used to restore blood flow in these cases is known as a mechanical thrombectomy.

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At Stony Brook Medicine, we perform over 150 thrombectomy procedures per year and the number continues to increase eery year. We are also participating in multiple ongoing thrombectomy clinical trials.

Upon a diagnosis of ELVO, the patient is taken immediately to our Angiography Suite for a mechanical thrombectomy. We know that when a brain artery is occluded, minutes matter — the saying is “Time is Brain.” Our highly skilled team clears the arterial blockage and blood flow to the brain is restored. If blood flow is restored early after symptoms first appear, a person can often make a fast and immediate recovery from these stroke symptoms. 

Our multidisciplinary expert team offers both in person and telemedicine consultations for the treatment of all cerebrovascular disease processes. Contact us for a consultation:

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