Stony Brook is Your Carotid Stenosis Expert

Stony Brook Medicine has experts in the diagnosis and treatment of carotid stenosis. We also have  several ongoing clinical trials, which provide our patients access to some of the newest, best and safest technologies for treatment of carotid stenosis.

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What is Carotid Stenosis
Carotid stenosis is caused by the build-up of fatty plaque (atherosclerosis) within the walls of the carotid arteries that causes them to become severely narrowed (i.e., “stenotic”) The carotid arteries are the major arteries that carry blood flow to the front portion of the brain (i.e., the “anterior circulation”). Carotid stenosis can cause a TIA and/or an ischemic stroke if the narrowing becomes severe enough to limit blood flow to the brian or if pieces of the atherosclerotic plaque break off and float up into the brain and block off brain blood vessels. Carotid stenosis may be present for a long time before symptoms of TIA or ischemic stroke first appear. People with severe atherosclerotic disease affecting other areas, for example the coronary arteries, screening for carotid disease may be needed. Carotid stenosis can be diagnosed by a carotid ultrasound – a simple test that does not require a dye injection or radiation. 

Available treatments for carotis stenosis at Stony Brook include:

  • Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting (CAS): A minimally invasive procedure that improves the blood flow through carotid arteries that are blocked by plaque. This image-guided procedure involves the widening (i.e., dilation) of the narrowing with a balloon catheter (thin plastic tube) followed by placement of a stent (a self-expanding metal tube) that holds the blood vessel open. We are currently participating in multiple research trials of carotid stenting, which provide our patients access to the newest technologies for the treatment of carotid disease.
  • Carotid Endarterectomy (CEA): An open surgical procedure during which the carotid artery can be opened up and the plaque causing the blockage can be directly removed.