Cerebrovascular & Comprehensive Stroke Center: Conditions Treated, Services & Programs

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Cerebrovascular disease includes all disorders affecting the blood vessels (i.e., arteries and veins) of the brain, head and neck and spinal cord. At our Stony Brook Cerebrovascular and Comprehensive Stroke Center, we offer diagnostic services and treatments for the full range of cerebrovascular disease.

Listen as our co-director, neurointerventionalist, David Fiorella, MD, PhD, explains to WLIW's Gianna Volpe, on her "Medical Monday" show, how new, minimally invasive techniques and programs at Stony Brook Cerebrovascular and Comprehensive Stroke Center are reducing deaths and disabilities caused by stroke across Long Island.
(May 9, 2022 — Starting point: 17:55; End: 34:09)

Our services and treatments include:

Our multidisciplinary expert team offers both in person and telemedicine consultations for the treatment of all cerebrovascular disease processes. Contact us for a consultation:

Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery:  (631) 444-1213
Endovascular Neurosurgery: (631) 444-1213
Vascular Neurology (Stroke Neurology): (631) 444-2599