Chuan Huang, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research Radiology, Psychiatry
Departments of Radiology, Psychiatry

PhD, University of Arizona, Tucson

Phone: (631) 638-1536

Department of Radiology
Health Sciences Center L4-120



Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Postdoctoral Fellow


The University of Arizona

PhD, Mathematics


University of Science and Technology of China

BS. Mathematics


Current Position

           Chuan Huang, Ph.D. currently is an Assistant Professor in Radiology Research and Psychiatry at Stony Brook Medicine.


           Chuan Huang's research interests include Simultaneous PET/MRI, Medical Imaging Reconstruction/Analysis, Quantitative Methods for Medical Imaging, Rapid MRI. His PhD research focused on image analysis/reconstruction and parametric MRI. He developed a radial FSE technique to obtain the T2 map for the entire brain within 2 minutes of acquisition time. In 2012, Dr. Huang extended his research interest into simultaneous PET/MRI. Dr. Huang is the first author of the first paper on MR microcoil based PET motion correction for head; this work was featured in a press release of the 2013 annual meeting of SNMMI. Dr. Huang had been leading the MR effort of the simultaneous PET/MRI projects during his stay in the Center of Advanced Medical Imaging Sciences at Massachusetts General Hospital.

  • Simultaneous PET/MRI
  • Image Reconstruction (MRI, PET)
  • Image Post-Processing
  • Image Analysis
  • Motion Correction
  • MR Pulse Sequence Programming




Distinguished Reviewer for (the journal) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine during 2013-2014, ISMRM, 2015

Distinguished Reviewer for (the journal) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine during 2012-2013, ISMRM, 2014

Young Investigator Award Honorable Mention, 2014 SNMMI Annual Meeting, Computer and Instrumentation Council, 2014

Young Investigator Award Honorable Mention, 2013 SNMMI Annual Meeting, Computer and Instrumentation Council, 2013

Magna Cum Laude Award for abstract #106; 2012 ISMRM Annual Meeting, 2012

Magna Cum Laude Award for abstract #362; 2012 ISMRM Annual Meeting, 2012


Representative Publications

  • J. Dutta*, C. Huang*, Q. Li and G. El Fakhri. Pulmonary Imaging Using Respiratory Motion Compensated Simultaneous PET/MR. Medical Physics, 2015; 42 (7), 4227-4340
    *Co-first authors.
    This article was selected as the cover and featured article of Medical Physics
  • C. Huangx*, Y. Petibon*, J. Ouyang, T.G. Reese, M. Ahlman, D. Bluemke and G. El Fakhri. Accelerated acquisition of tagged MRI for cardiac motion correction in simultaneous PET-MR: a phantom and patient study. Medical Physics. 2015; 42 (2), 1087-1097
    *Co-first authors
  • C. Huang, J. Galons, C.G. Graff, E.W. Clarkson, A. Bilgin, B. Kalb, D.R. Martin, and M.I.Altbach, Correcting Partial Volume Effect in Bi-exponential T2 Estimation of Small Lesions. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2015 73(4):1632-42
  • T. Hagio, C. Huang, A. Abidov, J. Singh, B. Ainapurapu, D. KC, S. Squire, D. Bruck and M.I. Altbach. T2 mapping of the heart with a double-inversion radial fast spin-echo (DIR-RADFSE) method with indirect echo compensation. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2015, 17:24
  • J. Ouyang, Y. Petibon, C. Huang, T.G. Reese, A. Syrkina, G. El Fakhri. Quantitative simultaneous PET-MR imaging. Journal of Medical Imaging 1 (3), 033502-033502
  • C. Huangx, M.I. Altbach, G. El Fakhri, Pattern recognition for rapid T2 mapping with Stimulate Echo Compensation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2014 Sep; 32(7):969-74
  • Y. Petibon*, C. Huang*, J. Ouyang, T.G. Reese, Q. Li, S. Syrkina, Y.L. Chen and G. El Fakhri. Relative role of MR-based motion correction and PSF modeling in whole-body simultaneous PET-MR imaging. Medical Physics, 2014; 41(4)
    *Co-first authors
  • C. Huang, J.L. Ackerman, Y. Petibon, G. El Fakhri, T.J. Brady and J. Ouyang, MR-based motion correction for PET imaging using MR micro-coils in simultaneous PET-MR:Phantom Study. Medical Physics, 2014; 41(4).
  • C. Huang, J.L. Ackerman, Y. Petibon, M. Normandin, T.J. Brady, G. El Fakhri and J. Ouyang, Motion compensation for brain PET imaging using wireless MR active markers in simultaneous PET-MR: phantom and non-human primate studies. NeuroImage, 2014; 91:129-137
  • C. Huang, A. Bilgin, T. Barr and M.I. Altbach. T2 Relaxometry with Indirect Echo Compensation from Highly Undersampled Data. Magnetic Resonance inMedicine, 2013; 70: 1026-1037.
  • Y. Petibon, J. Ouyang, X. Zhu, C. Huang, T.G. Reese, S.Y. Chun, and G. El Fakhri. Cardiac motion compensation and resolution modeling in simultaneous PET-MR: a cardiac lesion detection study. Physics in Medicine and Biology 2012; 58 (7), 2085
  • C. Huang, C.G. Graff, E.W. Clarkson, A. Bilgin, and M.I. Altbach. T2 Mapping from Highly Undersampled Data by REconstruction of Principal COmponent coefficient Maps (REPCOM) using Compressed Sensing. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2012; 67: 1355-1366.

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